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Planning a new build or renovating an older structure in Palisade, CO & Mesa County? It’s essential to prioritize your utility connections. Wiseland Construction & Excavation is a renowned construction company with expertise in sewer line installation and sewer repair. Whether you’re laying down a new system or updating an existing one, our team ensures the effective routing of wastewater from properties to the sewer system. Consult with our experienced crew to fine-tune the specifics of your project and address any unique requirements.

Comprehensive Underground Utility Services

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Effective utility construction forms the backbone of any infrastructure, safeguarding its longevity and functionality. With Wiseland Construction & Excavation, achieving this becomes straightforward. We are equipped with top-tier tools and adopt the best methods to handle diverse utility types. Beyond our core focus on sewer line installation, we’ve successfully managed sewer line repairs, drain pipe fixes, and been involved with the upkeep of municipal utilities like city waterworks, underground power lines, subdivisions, and HOA.

Our service portfolio encompasses:
  • Sewer Line Replacement
  • Water Line Installation
  • Irrigation Solutions (for Farming & Orchards)

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Wiseland Construction & Excavation is the go-to choice for many homeowners and businesses throughout Palisade, CO & Mesa County. Our unwavering commitment to precision and quality ensures we deliver unmatched outcomes in all our undertakings. With our dedication, you can expect your utilities to be operational promptly. Keen on learning more about our underground utility expertise? Reach out to us now!

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